Loofah Soap

$ 6.00

Loofah soap consists of a loofah slice encased in soap. Soap can be coloured and/or scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. Loofah soaps are a must have in the bathroom and the laundry. Order in a Signature Set or other Essential Oil Set to enhance aroma.


Loofah Soap

We use plant loofahs.

A loofah is encased in soap which may be scented or unscented with either essential oils or fragrance oils. 

We can also add herbs and other organic matter such as poppy seeds for additional exfoliation.

In the bathroom one of these cakes should last you approximately a month plus.

These soaps are great for scrubbing feet and hands.

Purchase the Loofah in a Set to enhance aromatic scent.

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Essential Oil

citrus, oregano, mint