Welcome to the world of Aroma and Aroma therapy

Aroma and its link to the nose, memory, brain and our health

Aromatology is the use and management of essential oils to sustain and/or elevate an individuals mind body and spirit via many varied applications.


With the above in mind, there were a number of key factors that contributed to the evolution of DiVerse Aromas.

I have always been in love with aroma and the fantasies it evokes.

Being an empath, imaginative, visual and creative, scent serves to enhance those senses and heighten pleasure.

I am calmed by the scents of nature, aroused by the aroma of food and nurtured by the scent of perfumes and other aromatic fragrances.

Over the years there have been landmark events that have plotted my journey with aroma. Aroma has been a consistent part of my life not only for pleasure but for physiological and medicinal purposes also.

Aroma has become an intrinsic part of my day to day life.

As an adult one of the major events was the discovery of being pregnant. Aromatherapy became part of my daily routine without question. I sought out combinations of essences that would help to nourish my skin and resist stretch marks.

In later years I drew on aroma for relaxation, moments of joy and spiritual connection.

And when I started delving into alternate therapies and complimentary medicines, my passion magnified as knowledge and insight grew.

I found my research into neurological, cognitive and behavioural therapy intertwined with the biological and therapeutic aspects of aromatherapy.This lead to sourcing the highest quality of products for soaps, perfume, candles and other uses.

I wanted to create product that was safe and beneficial for others.

I wanted to share the positive experiences I had experienced.

The veil of shame associated with Mental health was lifted.

I passionately desired to share my knowledge and experiences because I knew it would ease the minds of scores of thousands of fellow man.

So my desire to produce a practical and affordable beneficial product with true healing attributes to enhance enjoyment and quality of life became a strong desire.

My ideas grew and the qualities I knew I offered set me apart from other aromatherapy companies and peddlers.

I had product backed by real testament, authentic experience, sincere feelings, qualified academics and founders of aromatherapy and aromatological science.


So… you’ve heard a very brief run down on how the concept was birthed.


Now, think about this…

You live in a world alive with scent but most of us have been living, and in some cases simply existing, without realizing smells pervade our senses all day… every day …

Even more than that… those smells are associated with our memory and are linked to the brain.

The benefits of aroma to health have been known since ancient times. In fact, aromatherapy is an ancient, true and tried healing and therapeutic practice.

Western medicine was founded on the use of herbs and flora taken from ancient cultures that relied upon the benefits derived from plants.


My aim for DiVerse Aromas

To supplement the Mind Body and Spirit


Aromatherapy is the perfect way to alter moods. There are aromas that stimulate pleasant chemical reactions in the brain and relase feelings of wellbeing and others that create a sense of relaxation. Ylang Ylang has always been a great stimulant, while lavender calms and heals.”

Ref page 52 booklet a Perfect Calm written by Alan Hewitt and Earth Star Publishing 


So… there you have it.

Thank you for your patience.

DiVerse Aromas has been in the making for approximately 9 years now.

Over the years, I have shared some of my ideas in various settings, as one does, for the purpose of evaluation, marketing and pitching etc.

I trust copyright and IP will continue to be respected as I surrender my situation to the universe, knowing my intention is of good heart, that the vision has never failed and shall eventuate. I am a capricorn after all 🙂

It is with regret but with transparency that I divulge the current situation.

Unfortunately progression has been thwarted by my involvement in procuring justice for negligent financial advice which has been strung out by the ineffective regulation of the financial services industry and restricted access to legal remedy.


Hence, my need for aroma therapy and other modalities these past 10 years – oh what a cycle.

Truly I say to you, I am of clean heart and I know DiVerse Aromas is ordained. It is merely a matter of time.

Keep in touch.


Check out my personal website for other updates.

I am pleased to say however that I now have a solicitor, Junior Counsel and Senior Counsel. Prior to this I have been forced to self act.


With sincere love for humanity



Clean, Treat, Nourish and Simply Enjoy Di Verse Aromas

© 2009 – 2018, Dianne Mead. All rights reserved.

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